General FAQ Selling FAQ Buying FAQ
  1. What does “buying only” mean?
    Choose this option if you only want to BUY a car.
  2. What does “selling only” mean?
    Choose this option if you only want to SELL a car
  3. What does “selling and buying” mean?
    Choose this option if you want to SELL a car and BUY a car
  4. How long is your car listed on our site?
    Your listing will be active until you’ve either bought a car and sold your current one. This gives the dealers time to evaluate your vehicle and respond with their best offers. The more patient you are, the greater the variety of offers you should receive.
  5. Will I be notified when I receive an offer?
    Yes, you will get email notifications on all of the offers made for your car. You can choose to get notified as the offer comes in, or a daily summary of all offers.
    You can also log in to your dashboard to view your offers at any time.
  6. Are my personal details shared with the dealers?
    No, your details are not shared with any dealers until you choose to connect with the dealer by requesting a callback or sending them a message.
  7. Why should I provide accurate information about my car?
    The more information the dealer has about your vehicle the more accurate he can be when giving you an offer for your vehicle.
  8. Why are prices offered subject to viewing?
    The dealer needs to view the vehicle in order to verify that the information supplied by you is correct - this is standard industry practice. If the dealer finds anything different to the information supplied, this may change the price offered.
  9. Am I going to get calls from dealers?
    No, you will only get calls from dealers once you request a call back on an offer presented.
  10. When I'm interested in an offer, what do I need to do?
    You are presented with 2 options to communicate with the dealer:
    1. You can request a call back from the dealer
    2. Communicate via our messaging system.
  11. Is there any cost to me?
    It is a free service.
  12. Do I have to accept an offer?
    No - you are under no obligation to accept any offer.
    If you receive an offer and would like to discuss the price, we encourage you to contact the dealer to see if they can meet your expectations, but if you are still not satisfied, you can simply choose not to accept their offer.
  13. How many times can I reactivate my ad?
    Only once.
  14. Is motomatch buying my car?
    No – we are simply the matchmaker connecting you to as many dealers as possible.
  15. What if the offer I received is from a dealer far away from me?
    Get the conversation started with the dealer, many dealers have branches or associates countrywide and they can make an arrangement to have your vehicle inspected through their network.
  16. Who are the dealers you work with?
    We have approved car dealers countrywide, including all the major car brands and Independent dealers.
  17. Can I save my information and come back later?
    Sure thing! Just click on “Finish Later” and we will email you a link to continue when you are ready.
  18. Why do you need my details?
    We will use your email address to send you offers, but you can opt out at any time.
    We only send your contact details to dealers if you choose to connect on an offer that has been made to you.
  19. How do I know if an offer is a competitive price for my car?
    We show your car profile to our approved dealers countrywide.
    The interested dealers will each make you an offer so you’ll receive multiple offers enabling you to compare different prices.
  1. Where do I start if I want to sell my car?
    On the homepage in the Let’s get started box, select “I’m Selling” and underneath that enter your email address and click “motomatch it”
  2. What information do I need before I start?
    Your cars details, including Make, Model, variant
    Service and repair history
    Overall Condition
    Photos (Front, Rear, Left side, Right side, Dashboard and Front seats)
    Odometer reading (aka Mileage)
  3. What if my car has scratches or mechanical problems?
    Many of our dealers are willing to buy cars with cosmetic, or even mechanical problems.
    It is advisable to disclose this information upfront to the dealers.
    When you create your car profile, please disclose all known information and provide photos of any relevant damage such as scratches and dents.
    That way, the dealers know exactly what they are offering on and will ensure that the offer price is not adjusted when they inspect your car.
  4. Why is it important that my listing is complete?
    This will assist the dealer to submit an accurate offer for your car.
  5. Do you inspect my car?
    No, the dealer will arrange the inspection with you.
  6. What happens if I can’t find my vehicle on the list?
    Please visit our help page, send us your details so we can help you with your listing.
  1. Why should I use motomatch to buy a car?
    Our platform allows you to choose up to 3 cars at a time that you are interested in buying. Receive multiple offers online from dealers, obligation free and for you to consider in your own time.
  2. Why should I provide accurate information about the car I want to buy?
    The more you tell us about the car you are looking for the better the match we can make for you.