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We Can Help You Value Your Car Today!

Thinking about selling your car? Wondering how much it's worth? Concerned that you might not get a fair deal? Let us do a free car evaluation for you. Our user-friendly wizard gives you a quick, no-fuss experience, so that you get a fair evaluation and sell your car for what it's worth. It's quick, easy and obligation-free. Whether your car's a golden oldie or fresh off the showroom floor, use our online car evaluation tool and let the offers come to you!

How Do Valuations Help You?

We Can Help You Value Your Car Today!

If you're in the process of selling your car, you may have recently Googled, "how much is my car worth?" Did you get the answer you were hoping for? Our simple online car value calculator will analyse the details you put in to generate a fair estimate so that you can attract the right buyers and get that car sold.

What Can Affect Your Car's Valuation?

How A Valuation Can Help You Sell Your Car

Things that can increase your car's valuations

An online car valuation can help you sell your car because potential buyers will know that it has been fairly assessed. Here are some ways you can improve your car's valuation:

Fix whatever flaws you can
Wash and polish the car
Clear the car of any rubbish and clutter, and get the upholstery looking as good as possible. Make sure the inside is neat, clean and smells fresh.
Gather as many service or repair records as possible so that they are on-hand for the buyer to check
Ensure your license disc is up-to-date
Check that the spare tyre and tools are in good condition and stored safely
Upload at least 5 photos of the car (front, back, sides and interior)
Make sure the photos you upload are clear and an accurate representation of the vehicle

What Can Decrease Your Car's Valuation?

Things that can decrease your car's valuations

There are some things that can cause a fair but low evaluation of your car:

Exessive rust
Lack of service
Lots of dings, dents or scratches
If it's obviously not roadworthy
No spare key
Accident history
Unusual motifications that have insurance implications
Lack of usable photographs

FAQs About Car Valuations

  1. I want to value my car online, it is expensive?
    Nope, the Motomatch valuation tool is absolutely free. Zero cost. Zero obligation
  2. I want to check how much my car is worth, but I'm
    worried I'll get an inaccurate result. How does your tool prevent this?
    The Motomatch valuation tool uses specific algorithms to check the details you input against the information in our database, so that you get the most accurate, fair results
  3. If I value my car online, do I have to sell it through Motomatch?
    No, you don’t, the assessment is obligation free.