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Why You Should Buy Toyota

Founded way back in 1937, the Toyota Motor Corporation has been providing families, professionals, and construction companies alike with sturdy, dependable cars, SUVs, minibuses and bakkies for more than 8 decades!

More than just a household name, they also have a reputation for quality and reliability, and many owners stay loyal to the brand for life. Although the company’s home is in Japan, Toyota has factories all over the world – including in KZN in South Africa, where iconic models like the Corolla, Hilux, Fortuner, and Quantum are manufactured for export and local sale. 

In recent years, Toyota has boldly entered a new realm of vehicles – hybrid, electric and hydrogen powered cars. The Toyota Prius became the poster child for the climate conscious car owner, quickly becoming the number one selling hybrid vehicle worldwide.

Here on Motomatch, we have a great selection of used Toyotas for sale, including the best selling car of all time - the Toyota Corolla.

Unique Features About Toyota


Toyota’s have a well-deserved reputation for reliability – many people in fact believe them to be the longest lasting cars you’ll find on the road today! This means when you buy a used Toyota, you can expect to enjoy many great years on the road together. 

Easy to maintain

    Their popularity also means that Toyota second hand cars are easy to service and find spares for, one of the many reasons Toyota used cars remain such a popular choice in SA today.

    Great resale value

      And finally, unlike many other vehicle brands, a used Toyota is a lot more likely to retain its resale value thanks to that rep for being reliable, making it a great financial choice too.

      So whether you're looking for a rugged and dependable workhorse, or a sensible choice for your son or daughter’s first set of wheels, you can’t go wrong with a used Toyota from Motomatch!