New & Used Nissan's
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Why You Should Buy Nissan

Since 1933 Nissan has embodied a culture of diversity. It believes that diversity is what makes us stronger and it has made it its mission to accommodate its customers’ diverse needs as they also pursue sustainable growth for the future.

A brand built on trust, Nissan provides unique and innovative vehicles that deliver superior performance to all its customers. This means that whether you drive a pre-owned Nissan or a new one, you can drive comfortably knowing that you are driving superior reliability.

The vision behind Nissan is to enrich people’s lives by building affordable cars that are great to drive. With uncompromised handling, decent fuel efficiency and durability, these cars are excellent value for money. If you’re in the market for a reliable used car, choose a secondhand Nissan.

Unique Features of Nissan

Nissans are incredibly reliable cars, having a score of 88 on the Reliability Index, which is better than the industry average. One innovative safety feature that Nissan has introduced into its more recent models is Intelligent Driver Alertness - this helps detect driver fatigue and alerts the driver when erratic driving occurs.

These cars are made with ultra-high, tensile-strength steel with high formability, achieving superior strength and elongation capacity while also reducing the weight of the vehicle’s body structure, so a used Nissan is as strong as it is fuel efficient.

Nissan is also exploring the world of electric driving. It has built what it calls e-4ORCE into its electric cars. You get a powerful, smooth, high-output drive, and comfort for all passengers while driving; you’ll also get independent brake control and confidence on any road surface. This makes for a more sustainable way of driving, whether you’re driving a secondhand Nissan or a new one.