New & Used Honda's
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Why You Should Buy Honda

Founded in Hamamatsu, Japan with a staff of only 12 people, Honda has since become among the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. More recently, this company has also become a major player in the South African auto market since opening a dealer network that stretches throughout the SADC region.

There are several reasons why many drivers are interested in Honda cars for sale. Over the years, this car manufacturer won many awards for its safety features, hybrid vehicle models, and performance. In case you’re looking for a Honda for sale in South Africa, you can find a variety of models available ranging from SUVs and minivans to sedans and hatchbacks.

Used Honda cars are the perfect option for anyone that’s looking for an affordable and reliable vehicle. In a 2014 report that covered the North American market, it was concluded that 75% of Honda vehicles sold from 1988 to 2012 were still on the road. Aside from being incredibly durable, these vehicles also have outstanding resale value even after several years.

Although the main focus of this car manufacturer is safety, fuel economy, and reliability, Honda’s are also quite stylish. The newer models are especially aesthetically appealing, as they feature very modern and contemporary designs.

Unique Features of Honda

Durability – According to a report published by Polk’s National Population Profile in 2014, Honda is the most durable mainstream vehicle brand. One of the main benefits of buying a Honda for sale is that you’ll get a vehicle you’ll be able to depend on for years to come.

Fuel efficiency – Most of the Honda cars for sale available today are notable for their fuel efficiency. This has always been an important feature for Honda, which was one of the first major car companies to release a hybrid car.

Resale value – Regardless of whether you’re planning on buying new or used Hondas for sale in South Africa, you likely plan to sell it at one point. The great thing about Honda vehicles is that they hold excellent resale value.