Uncertain times require innovative solutions

Uncertain times require innovative solutions

Colin Mileman / 20 March 2020

"Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures." Benet Wilson's famous quote in the wake of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina in the US seems particularly apt once again at this point in our history, with the unprecedented and far-reaching global crisis that is unfolding.

It's in these challenging times that creativity and innovative solutions are required, with the need to balance the health and safety of individuals, families and communities with the essential aspects of keeping the economy ticking over and attempting to limit the financial impact of markets in turmoil.

"Consumers are heeding the call to limit social interaction and exposure, which is consequently resulting in a dramatic decline in foot traffic through the doors of many businesses," says Dov Stern, director of Motomatch. "As challenging as the current situation is, it also presents opportunities for those businesses that embrace technology, and adopt new and innovative ways of thinking and interacting with customers.

"Motomatch is a unique virtual marketplace and lead generator that provides a valuable customer interface without the need for physical contact," Stern explains. "With consumers spending more time online and avoiding public spaces whenever possible during this period of uncertainty, Motomatch is the ideal online platform to list vehicles for sale, and generate quality leads from interested buyers and sellers countrywide, and around the clock.

"Aside from the unusual business environment created by this global health emergency, customers are increasingly relying on online resources for gathering information and making purchases. This trend will only grow as access to the internet becomes cheaper and easier," Stern explains. "Dealers that have adapted and expanded their online presence will be at the forefront of this new way of doing business, and will be ready to serve an increasingly tech-savvy customer base in this fast-changing digital age."

Through the Motomatch website, www.motomatch.co.za, consumers can easily narrow their search for a new or used vehicle according to price, brand, model, engine, gearbox, colour, mileage and standard features from their smartphone or computer - thus making the selection process both exceptionally convenient and also very specific.

Accordingly, dealers that have signed up to Motomatch have access to quality leads from genuine customers - all for a flat monthly fee. No more relying simply on potential customers walking through the door, or applying the shotgun approach to advertising with minimal success or return on your investment. "Motomatch makes the match between customer and dealer, and contributes to higher sales conversion rates and improved turnover for dealers," Stern says.

With customers able to list vehicles for sale for free on the Motomatch website, dealers can also submit offers to the seller to source suitable stock in line with their target market - and potentially even facilitate a customer sale and purchase in the same transaction.

Motomatch uses an interactive real-time dashboard and chat, which is accessible from a desktop computer or mobile device. This allows dealers to keep in touch with the market at all times, and in any location.

Dealers can activate a free 14-day trial to see how Motomatch can change the way you do business. For further information on becoming a Motomatch dealer, visit www.motomatch.co.za/dealer.