Selling your car? 5 Things to have ready when uploading your car

Selling your car? 5 Things to have ready when uploading your car

motomatch Team / 10 July 2019

In order to match the best deal for your car we'll need the right information. From the specific model and variant, to your service history and most important of all, photos. Here's a check-list before you start.

  1. Make, model and variant
  2. This is normally displayed at the back of the vehicle. Depending on the make and model of car, the variant may be a series of letters and numbers and/or a name. Examples: 320d for a BMW 3 Series, 1.8GLE for a Toyota Corolla, 1.4 Trend for a VW Polo. Consult your latest service invoice, service book or finance statement. And if you need help please connect with our online consultants by clicking on the chat icon below.

  3. Service history
    Your cars service history is important. It lets the Buyer know how the car has been taken care of. Confirming the last service date allows the Buyer to evaluate if all services are up to date. This is normally found in the cars service book/last service invoice or can be obtained from the dealership. 

    Full Service with agent: All services have been done by the brand dealership
    Full Service not with agent: All services have been done but not by the brand dealership
    Partial Service: Some services have been done but not all
    No Service: No record of services

  4. Overall condition
    Has your car been in an accident? Any dents or scratches to the body or wheels of the car? Is the windscreen cracked? You will need to disclose any past damages and repairs to the car. These might include respraying, bodywork or parts replaced. Are there any mechanical issues? Is there is a warning light showing in the dashboard, are the brakes squeaking, is the clutch is slipping, or is the car smoking.

  5. Photos
    It’s worth your while taking the time to capture some great photos of your car. The better the photos, the better chance of a higher offer. Each upload button on our system describes what part of the car to take a picture of. We also offer a tool to pin point any dents or scratches plus you can blur out your number plate for privacy.

    Have these 6 photos ready: 

    Front of the car
    Back of the car
    Left side-view
    Right side-view
    Front seats
  6. Mileage
    The total distance your car has travelled since new. The Odometer in the dashboard will give you this information.

    Image source: Unsplash