Motomatch revolutionises your digital sales game – never miss out on a deal!

Motomatch revolutionises your digital sales game – never miss out on a deal!

Colin Mileman / 5 August 2020

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, 06 August 2020 –There is no doubt that the current economy and varying stages of lockdown due to COVID-19 has caused a seismic shift in the way business is done. Digital platforms have rapidly become the norm for many customers and businesses – a trend that will undoubtedly grow as the adoption of e-commerce becomes increasingly mainstream across all sectors of the economy.

Although the internet has long been the best way to research and advertise new vehicles, many dealerships still overwhelming relied on face-to-face contact when it came to putting the final ‘ribbon’ on every sale. In many respects, being forced into relying increasingly on digital communication with prospective buyers is giving vehicle salespersons access to a much wider pool of potential sales. The unique challenges of doing business this year has simply forced dealers to switch on a digital mindset, and build a digital footprint.

How to play – let the deals come to you

This is where Motomatch ( comes in, with an innovative online vehicle sales platform that lets the deals come to you.

“People wanting to buy or sell a vehicle are looking for the easiest and safest route. Less admin, more transparency, and access to deals that suit each individual budget,” says Dov Stern, director of Motomatch. “We created Motomatch to provide a trusted solution where customers can receive offers from dealers and pick the one they prefer. This, in turn, means dealers only engage with customers who are at the point where they are ready to buy, eliminating a lot of the old-fashioned sales footwork.”

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic consumers are still extremely wary of any potential health risks, which has significantly impacted dealers’ showroom traffic. Accordingly, all of these factors have dramatically and irrevocably accelerated the switch to online – and it’s important that dealers adopt e-commerce as an integral sales tool.

“We’ve moved into the age of online meetings, shopping and communication. Buying a car is no different to buying a computer or a house. It's all online until the consumer makes their final decision. This means that the only thing that makes you stand out as a dealer is your customer response time and the quality of service you provide,” says Stern.

You need to Chat

Motomatch statistics show that 80-percent of customers prefer to use online chat platforms as the first line of communication. This is a global trend as it saves the customer time and money. Dealers that respond quickly and efficiently will make a good impression and stand the best chance of building new client relationships.

Motomatch streamlines this online communication process between dealers and customers through its integrated real-time chat function. “This allows dealers to instantly respond to customer queries at any time and wherever they are, ensuring that they never miss out on a potential deal,” says Stern.

With the boom in digital business operations, Motomatch is continually refining its platform to add more value for both dealers and customers. For example, Motomatch gives dealers a value range when they are looking to put in offers on customer trade-in vehicles. These ranges take into account overall condition and mileage of the vehicles and ensures that the dealer and customer are considering the same price range.

About Motomatch

The Motomatch website,, is a virtual marketplace and lead generator that is uniquely positioned to assist dealers in continuing to list the vehicles they have for sale, and to attract genuine leads from interested buyers, as well as sellers. It facilitates instant communication between the dealer and customer through the interactive real-time dashboard and chat function, which is accessible from a desktop computer or a mobile device. This allows the dealer to keep in touch with the market at all times, and with customers around the country.

The unique selling point of Motomatch is that it matches customers directly with dealers. Buyers can easily select the vehicles that they are interested in, and the selling dealers then respond with offers. The customer selects the best offer and connects with the dealer to conclude the purchase – it could not be easier!

Motomatch also provides peace of mind for customers, as they are able to maintain the best form of social distancing when searching for a new car online. All personal details are completely secure, and only shared with the dealer they choose to connect with to conclude the deal.